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Spring Cleaning Is The Best It Makes You Feel Real Good

According to Dignity Health, spring cleaning helps lighten your mood, improve your health, increase productivity, it's good exercise, and ultimately it makes you feel good about yourself!

Over the weekend, I spent time throwing away a lot of my outdated clothing. I figured with this new chapter in my entrepreneur journey I will dedicate efforts to my new style. How we present ourselves says everything others need to know with how we represent ourselves. So I wanted to become more intentional about it.

Video: Instagram post from @newgrowththebook #PlantingSeeds segment.

Spring cleaning to me is more than just wiping down the walls, mopping your floors with bleach, dusting the blinds, and deep cleaning the carpet and couches, it is also about clearing out the clutter in your mind. I am a firm believer that how your home looks is simply a reflection of where you are in your life at that moment.

For me, when I have everything from clothes, to papers, dishes, etc. just everywhere, it is usually a reflection of me feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, and out of control with upcoming decisions in my life currently.

The process of decluttering is absolutely liberating! It improves productivity in your life.

Have you ever noticed, after a full day of cleaning you feel so organized and in control of your life!? I know I do!!!

This spring I challenge everyone reading this to make a list of all the things you need to declutter out of your life, from clothing to toxic relationships (friendships included)!



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