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any people correlate the term, “new growth” with hair. Sadé Miller uses the term as a double entendre. The renowned hair stylist and owner of Sade Styles: Beauty Supply & Braid Lounge in Gardena recently released her first book entitled, “New Growth: A Journey Towards Wellness and Self-Worth.”


We learn more about Sadé's new book, "New Growth" with correspondent, Elizabeth Colen.  We are discussing her book New Growth, how she came up with the title and what compelled

her to write it.


Sheeners say Heyyy Sade! Sade Miller, entrepreneur and author is giving us her all in this SHEEN Exclusive!  We are discussing her book New Growth, how she came up with the title and what compelled

her to write it.


Entrepreneur Sadé Miller is no stranger to the West Coast grind. From owning Sade Styles: Beauty Supply and Braid Lounge to being the lead PR representative at The Purple Agency, this phenomenal woman has beat the odds and done the necessary work to reach her current level of success and inspire others to do the same.


“The most rewarding part thus far has been able to invite people into my space, into what my vibe is. From clients, friends, and family to associates, they have all experienced my shop and it has been a great thing to witness all of their reactions because they have all believed in me, supported me verbally and financially. A personal rewarding thing for me has been when I turn the key to open the shop, I witness my internal growth, my shop, how it is designed is a reflection of everything I have grown to be over the past 15 years being an entrepreneur.”


"When i think about risk, I think about sacrifice, and major faith. I know to society entrepreneurship looks super glamorous and super easy, but there are plenty of risks being taken when you are following that path. I always say “Entrepreneurship is a faith walk,” because it truly is. I personally am a Christian, so when I say faith, I am referring to my relationship with God."

For this installment of Sheroes In Media we have the Publicst and Businesswoman Sade' Miller of The Purple Agency speaking with us about her come up into the public relations field and her multiple thriving businesses. There are plenty of gems she gives out in this interview. Listen closely!

As we get ready to enter women's history month Khrissy kicks off this episode with highlighting entrepreneur, PR and business owner Sade Miller on her success. They dive into her start into the hair industry, entertainment accomplishments and what it took to start a business during the pandemic. Be sure to like, share and subscribe :)

Big Shirley sits down with fellow local entrepreneur Sade Miller to talk about a few different topics currently affecting our community.


"I would say I specialize in storytelling. I can talk to someone one time and can pretty much can tell their life story or give an overview of who they are on the inside. I am most known for hair braiding and PR, throwing events, and being resourceful. I’m mostly proud of my journey as a whole, everything I have done has been based on what I built years ago as a kid. Example, doing hair, I spoke working with Rastafri Braiding Hair into existence, so today I am proud to say I am a Rastafri Brand Ambassador. What sets me apart from other people s my passion and drive, I set myself to be very authentic, intentional, and I get the job done at all cost."

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