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  • What days are you open?
    Every braider follows their own schedule, so it varies. Sade's (owner) schedule: Tuesdays, Thursday-Saturday
  • How do I book a braid appointment?
    To book and appointment follow these steps: 1. Click “Book Appointment” button at the menu bar 2. It will lead you to the booking site where you click the style you desire and it will then lead you to a calendar 3. Once you choose the DATE & TIME, you will then input your information 4. Confirm your appointment 5. You will then get a confirmation text from both the automatic system and myself, where you will then place your "non-refundable" deposit See you soon!
  • Do you guys have braiding classes?
    Yes. Every month we issue new dates for braiding classes. Please follow us on social media to get updates in real time. @sadestylesbraidlounge
  • What braiding hair do I get and how much?
    Braiding hair is in stock at our braid lounge. So you will let us know the color you prefer. Note: if you have allergic reactions to the braiding hair please let us know in advance so that we do a vinegar rinse in advance. Thanks.
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