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  • As the first installment of the Planting Seeds series, I'm excited to offer entrepreneurs like you a comprehensive, step-by-step 34-page workbook that will elevate your brand's impact.


    I believe that entrepreneurship reflects how we operate as human beings, which is why this series features exercises that not only focus on your brand, but also helps to identify you as a person. It's a holistic approach that will enable you to develop as an individual and a business owner.


    Taking the leap into entrepreneurship is a monumental decision, and I commend you for betting on yourself. Although it's not an easy path, I believe in you and know that you will succeed. The risk is well worth the reward, so put your best foot forward and ask yourself, "how badly do I want it?" If your answer is "a whole lot," then you're ready to purchase your book today...turn your purpose into profit.

    Planting Seeds Vol. 1: 5 Steps to Establishing a Strong Brand Identity

    $40.00 Regular Price
    $24.00Sale Price
    • Published by Sade Miler of MSM LA Enterprises, LLC. 

      Any reproduction of this electronic book in either electronic means or in printed format is prohibited without permission of MSM LA Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved. 

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