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    There comes a time in life when the best next thing to do is submit to change. New growth is a transparent guide to inspire healing, personal growth, recovery and redemption from trauma. Written from the perspective of triumph, Sade shares her journey of healing from sexual abuse, learning to release shame, speak up and own her voice and advocate for other men & women who may be silenced by the hard things they have suffered. Sharing the lessons she has learned on her path of personal evolution, Sade encourages others to release the pain that no longer serves them so that they can transition into a place of purpose and personal power. Harnessing the power of self-love, self-discovery and self healing, Sade shares how the commitment to healing is a catalyst for men & women to manifest the life of their dreams.


    Book Chapters 

    CH. 1 Stop the Silence

    CH. 2 Freedom From Bondage  

    CH. 3 Belief Beyond What You’ve Been Through 

    CH. 4 Fear For What 

    CH. 5 Cup Half Full

    CH. 6 Owning New Emotions 

    CH. 7 To Be Loved 

    CH. 8 First Class

    *This book includes activity sheets & excercises based on the theme of each chapter.* 


    [2 books for ONE price]New Growth: A Journey Towards Wellness & Self-Worth

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