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The Benefits of a Travel Agency in 2023 ft. Marvelous Travels

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

In all of my experiences with travel I have never used a travel agency, but after my conversation with Marvelous Travels I have grown to understand how beneficial it truly is.

Marvelous Travels was started by Morgan Carreon, 30, in 2023. She has always had a passion for planning and being very detail oriented about her planning. It wasn't until she started planning her 30th birthday trip to Thailand with 30 people, that she realized that she enjoyed researching and coordinating itineraries to maximize everyone's experience.

Her travel agency provides personal bookings, which means she will do all the research and planning for your trip according to your wants and needs, to ensure you have a great experience. Personalized travel bookings can also come with a Thank You bag for your guests who are attending the trip as an add on, to add a personalized touch . She also has a booking site, where you can use her travel agent discounts to book your own travel. She is able to book concerts, car rentals, and sports events as well.

Marvelous Travels caters to those that love to travel and that are growing their interest in travel. She is providing a need for those that don't know how to actually plan out an intentional vacation.

In today's time a lot of people use platforms such as Orbitz, AirBNB,, and more to accommodate their travel. I asked Morgan how beneficial is Marvelous Travels when it comes to their competitors. She stated, "What's beneficial about using a travel agent are two things. One being if you don't really have the patience to do the research that is needed to go into traveling to certain countries, you have the luxury of being able to use the service of a travel agent to do all of that for you. Two, if you don't mind doing the research for your trip, you are still able to go onto our site and get discounts as well as bundle deals."

One of the most difficult things about booking travel to the average person in her opinion is researching. That is because it takes a lot of patience especially when traveling to a country you have never been before. With her trip to Thailand, she started doing her research a year in advance because she knew they had to know a lot about their laws, currency, weather conditions, covid restrictions, places to go, transportation, and more.

Morgan has personally traveled to Mexico, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, and Thailand. She's made mention that Thailand has by far been her best experience yet. During her trip she fell in love with the culture and the beautiful land. She most certainly recommends everyone experiences Thailand at least once in their life.

Most recently we have all seen the controversy with Americans traveling to Mexico. I wanted to know her thoughts on the subject and what in her opinion she feels travelers to places such as Mexico should do differently to ensure their safety. "Research Research Research Research! That is so important to do when you are traveling to a different country. Make sure to thoroughly do the research to know what areas are safe and what areas are not. I recommend planning your vacation in areas that are tourist areas. Also, make sure to register with the US Embassy to be on the safer side. If it's a country you are not familiar with, I recommend traveling with a big group," says Morgan.

In 5 years Morgan sees Marvelous Travels as her primary income. She is most excited about helping those interested in traveling reach their destination safely and have the best time without worrying so much about the logistics.

To inquire about her services you will need to head over to her website and click the booking tab. If you would like a personal travel booking, there will be a questionnaire at the top of the page. If you would like to use her discounts and book the travel on your own there will be a link below that questionnaire that will direct you to her booking site.

You can also follow her on Instagram and via email: if you have any questions.


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1 Comment

Sade Styles
Sade Styles
Apr 07, 2023

Can't wait to book my travel with Marvelous Travels!!!!!!!

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