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Sade Styles: Braiding School, is dedicated to teaching the next generation of braiders on how to learn and prefect their braiding skills, and take their brands to the next level with our 1 on 1 consultations. 


Boss Braiders Boot Camp
(1 on 1 Training Program)

What is Boss Braiders Boot Camp?

It is a training program based around braid skills & techniques and professional development. It is for braiders that are committed to the process of developing better skills as a braider, learning techniques to get faster with their work, customer service, building clientele, building a brand, learning how to market yourself, and being a boss! 


Why is BBBC great for you? 

This program is designed for braiders that have the talent but want to expand it. It is designed to teach braiders like yourself to perfect your craft and learn the business simultaneously. After this program you will be equipped to take on your own clients confidently. 


What does the 1 on 1 BBBC program consist of? 

Bi-weekly in-person sessions with your trainer (Sade Miller), focusing on your braid skills on a mannequin doll head and a live client. It also includes shadowing opportunities where you will be able to learn customer service and skills in real time. The program also includes bi-weekly virtual sessions where you and your trainer (Sade Miller) will conduct a training via Zoom where you will learn more about the business, building clientele, marketing, content creation, brand identity, and much more! You will leave this course understanding the full picture on what it takes to be a successful braider. 

Materials needed for this program (materials provided upon commitment)

  • Mannequin Doll Head w/ Tripod

  • Combs

  • Braiding Rack 

  • Braid Foam 

  • Clips 

  • Braiding Gel

  • Shears 

  • Cape

  • Bag 

  • Zoom software/app on phone or laptop 


Boss Braiders Boot Camp Schedule:

In-Person 1 on 1 Training (3 hrs) 

  • Training on braid skills, techniques, styles & customer service 

  • Learn how to part, add hair for feed-in braids, extend braids, do knotless braids, cornrows, box braids, learn sizes, braid maintenance, and more. 

  • Shadowing Sade while servicing clients, learning how to service and communicate with clients 

Virtual Training (1 hr)

  • Get a understanding of the beauty industry in general 

  • Get insight on marketing, building brand identity, professional development, and much more. 

  • An opportunity to be consulted by Sade in real time, in a brain-picking format


$600 monthly for full program (In-Person & Virtual Business Coaching) 

Payment plan: 

  • Bi-weekly (Every other Friday): $300 

  • Monthly (1st of month): $600

About your trainer!


What elements of the program are you interested on?
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